American Taco Night

For most Americans, hard-shelled tacos filled with ground beef are authentic Mexican tacos, but the reality is that they are an American invention. I happen to love hard-shelled tacos because they take me back to high school when I used to eat at Taco Bell every day because it was [...]

NUTBALLS A.K.A Mexican Wedding Cookies or Butterballs

I'm not a cookie person, but there is one cookie that defines me and that is the "Nutball" or as some people call them, Mexican wedding cookies. I have a beautiful history with nutballs, but recently I decided to try making them with whole wheat flour instead of white flour. [...]

How to Roast Veggies Easy Peasy

Roasting vegetables seems like a simple task, but many people have a hard time with it. I blame the number 350. There should be a Sesame Street episode where that number is banished from kitchens across the world to dig caves somewhere. When you roast veggies at 350 and over-crowd [...]

Devils on Horseback a.k.a. Prunes Wrapped in Bacon

Colombians love prunes wrapped in bacon. I, personally, feel that every occasion is the perfect occasion to eat prunes wrapped in bacon. I used to get weird looks from people who had not heard of these when I would mention making them. Thank goodness Devils on horseback became popular via [...]

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