Summer Sips – The Transfusion and The Moscow Mule

I am not a huge booze hound and this is mostly because I have two kids to keep alive, but I am, however, also, still alive and enjoy a little cocktail here and there. My brother-in-law Carl, introduced the Transfusion to me and the rest of my husband's family at a big family reunion a few years back. It rocked my world... it combines all of the happiness of the grape popsicles of my childhood with all of the happiness of the vodka of my adulthood. It is tasty and super refreshing. I love the Moscow Mule for so many [...]

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And then the coffee Nazie says, “NO GIBRALTARS TO GO!”

What is a Gibraltar, you ask? If you are an SF coffee aficcionado or a hipster you already know the answer. A while back, I wrote a post about "Macchiato". That was my coffee of choice, a single shot of espresso, with just a little foam or milk... except for I always asked for more hot milk or I added a ton of half n half after. I realize now that it wasn't really a Macchiato that I loved afterall. Not too long ago, I asked for my Macchiato with extra hot milk and the barista said, "Would you like [...]

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8 MYTHS ABOUT BOOZE … debunked by an expert!

Home of Hangar One Vodka and many other tasty spirits.  One of the most fun and relatively cheap day trips you can take in the Bay Area is to St. George Sprits, home of the famous Hangar One vodka. My husband and I took the Ferry over to Alameda and we walked a kinda long and somewhat desolate path to a big old ex-military hangar that houses one of the best distilleries in the US. I would say, the world, but I don't know much about distilleries around the world. Click here to get the low down on [...]

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ADOPT A HOLIDAY: Cinco de Mayo

You won't usually see me doing Cuervo shooters on Cinco de Mayo or drinking green beer on St. Patty's day, but as I grow a little more wise and get off my high horse, I realize that there is no harm in eating yummy food and drinking tasty cocktails in honor of any "holiday". Here are two ways that you can celebrate Cinco de Stinko and feel fabulous doing it. CINCUE DE MAYO COCKTAIL This is my Italian spin on a margarita. Bellissima! INGREDIENTS – 1 serving 1 Shot premium reposado agave tequila 1 Shot or more Italian Blood orange [...]

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My favorite Lebanese restaurant that also holds the title of my favorite restaurant with two locations on one block is called Open Sesame, A.K.A., Open Says Me, in Long Beach, California. I could write several pages on every menu item because just the thought of it makes my my mouth water and my heart sink in longing, but today I am celebrating their white coffee. White Coffee is not coffee at all, but hot orange blossom water with fresh mint. The first time I had it, it seemed weird to order a hot minty beverage with my garlic potatoes, lentil [...]

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