Dear Kids, Trump was kinda my fault and that’s why I must make peace with this shit show.

I don’t know about you, but ever since Donald Trump entered the presidential race in the first place and then proceeded to “win” said race, I have not been a well woman. Fast forward to the last few months, and I can tell you that I have not experienced this much continual anxiety, anger and sadness since... I can’t remember - and I had a weird childhood. Every day, I wake up with a heaviness in my heart, and I rack my brain for how anyone can possibly give this person another four years. I won’t recite the litany of [...]

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Mothers of sons. The future of humanity is in our hands.

(Inspired by a chapter called “Boys” in Glennon Doyle’s latest book, Untamed.) The best thing that you can do is pick up Glennon’s book (you know, because she and I are on a first name basis) and read it, but read the chapter called “Boys” five times and ask everyone you know to read it too. I have a son. He is five and, already, I have noticed how my husband, and even myself, are contributing to raising a boy who grows up to be the prevalent male archetype. The kind of man who is not comfortable with emotions. The [...]

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Jade Makes Cakes

When folks discuss foodie towns in New York, White Plains doesn’t roll off the tongue, but there is some serious talent on the rise around these parts and you are about to learn about one. Jade Goodman Jade Goodman bakes for smiles. When asked why she got into baking cakes, she simply said, “I love birthdays! I love to see the smile on someone’s face when they see their cake.”, but she didn’t begin baking competition-worthy cakes until only a few years ago. Jade grew up in Dexter, Iowa. Population 575. She was one of 52 people in her graduating [...]

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Weather-Bitch Syndrome 2020 Sweeps the Eastern United States.

I was raised in Southern Cal and have lived in Colombia, New Mexico, New York, New Mexico, then California, then Spain, then California again and now the suburbs of New York. I don’t recall anyone ever complaining about weather in Southern California. If it rained, people got into plenty of car accidents, but also celebrated the ability to don a cute rain boot or a fun umbrella. When it sleeted or hailed, we danced like princess Poppy. Perhaps because it seldom rained and it was seldom cold that people never consulted the weather. (I know I know, it rained like [...]

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FUCK LinkedIn

Where do creative folks with non-traditional careers and backgrounds go to network?

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