Crockpot Cuban Mojo Pork – I am back!

If you are a subscriber, first of all, thank you and second of all, you are probably wondering where I have been for over a year. I could tell you that I was traveling the world sampling goat fat, but I wasn't. I was tending to my two little ones as I will continue to be doing for the rest of their lives, or until I die. Now that they have matured to the ripe age of toddlerhood, I have a teensy bit more time to dedicate to one of my other loves, sharing my Tasty Bits with you all! [...]

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A Little Summer Break and my Favorite Watermelon Salad

If you recently subscribed to Claudia's Tasty Bits on YouTube, I am taking a little summer break to spend some quality time with my little sprouts. They are only little once! While I am gone, I hope you check out my existing videos. There are many to choose from and I guarantee you will either learn something new or at the very least, have a chuckle! For now, here is a post about my favorite watermelon salad that I hope you make and tell me how it turns out! Please comment on this post or drop me a note at [...]

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You may crumble over my absence.

You know that I need a break, when I make a play on words like, "Crumble over my absence." I have mulled over the 1000 different ways that I would tell you that I might be taking a little break, at least from making videos, for a bit. It kills me to not give you a brand new Tasty video every week as promised. Every day that I get a new subscriber, I cringe at the thought of letting you all down. I'll be back soon! I may even publish old school "written" posts here and there as I miss [...]

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Four Easy Goat Cheese Spreads that you can use a million ways.

I shout from the cheese aisle! "Buy that little goat cheese log! It is so versatile." and then I open the cheese drawer in my fridge and whisper, "Crap, I already have two logs I haven't used." I Googled goat cheese spreads that use Greek yogurt because I thought that Greek yogurt might soften the texture of a spread. I was right. I found a Healthy Cheese spread recipe on PopSugar that uses Greek yogurt and a little olive oil. Brilliant. But I didn't stop there. I figured that once you created the BASE for the goat cheese spread that [...]

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Learn to quick pickle onions!

I felt like a million bucks the first time I quick pickled some onions. I had tasted pickled onions many times and loved them, but assumed that it was a difficult and lengthy culinary feat. I did some Googling and found a ton of relatively long recipes and techniques. I decided that I - didn't have no time for that-,so I threw some paper-thin red onions in some water, red wine vinegar, peppercorns, sugar and salt and waited about 30 minutes. Crazy enough, those onions were plenty pickled and delicious. Unless my husband and friends were lying to me, and [...]

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