Middle of the night MUNCHIES potato salad!

I have never tackled potato salad because I felt that it was something that should be left to the veterans. It just happens that I have reached an age in which mu mu's seem pretty comfortable and that I need to have my own potato salad recipe. I love elements of German, Colombian and Potato salad, so, like Dyson and his vacuum cleaners, I set out to invent, The Perfect Potato Salad. I think that a great potato salad should make you want to get up at three in the morning, grab a fork and eat it straight out of [...]

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Summer Sips – The Transfusion and The Moscow Mule

I am not a huge booze hound and this is mostly because I have two kids to keep alive, but I am, however, also, still alive and enjoy a little cocktail here and there. My brother-in-law Carl, introduced the Transfusion to me and the rest of my husband's family at a big family reunion a few years back. It rocked my world... it combines all of the happiness of the grape popsicles of my childhood with all of the happiness of the vodka of my adulthood. It is tasty and super refreshing. I love the Moscow Mule for so many [...]

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Don’t Salt your Raw Shaved Zucchini Salad with Basil and Parmesan!

Anyone can shave zucchini and put it on a plate, but it will most likely become soggy because of one ingredient. I love salt more than anything and I always salt every step of the way, except for when I make shaved zucchini salad. Salt draws out the moisture in zucchini in the same way that it does in eggplant. If you salt your salad too soon, there will be a pool of water on the bottom of the plate by the time you serve it and the zucchini will be limp. Nobody likes limp zucchini! The combination of zucchini [...]

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Cilantro Crack Sauce – Safe for all ages.

Cilantro Crack sauce is named as such because due to it's tangy and incredible flavor, you will immediately want to put it on everything, unlike the real crack that will just make you homeless and possibly dead. I have only published one recipe that sucked that that was for this very sauce a few years back. I realized that I gave you guys something that could have turned out not crack-like, so here it is, the updated and new and improved Genuine Cliantro Crack Sauce. This stuff tastes great on everything, but watch the video for more specific ideas! Once [...]

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Parmesan Chicken Paillard with Fried Capers

Chicken Paillard is fancy for chicken breast cutlets that have been pounded thinly and this case, coated with parmesan cheese, breaded and fried. What is not to like about that. This dish is partially inspired by my mom's pork chops that are covered in Parmesan cheese, breaded and fried and also the Chicken Paillard from the Balboa Cafe in San Francisco, California. I will make videos about both dishes soon. If you love capers and love salty and crunchy things, you need to fry some capers! The scariest part about frying capers is that you need to remove as much [...]

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