ADOPT A HOLIDAY: Cinco de Mayo

You won’t usually see me doing Cuervo shooters on Cinco de Mayo or drinking green beer on St. Patty’s day, but as I grow a little more wise and get off my high horse, I realize that there is no harm in eating yummy food and drinking tasty cocktails in honor of any “holiday”.

Here are two ways that you can celebrate Cinco de Stinko and feel fabulous doing it.


This is my Italian spin on a margarita. Bellissima!

INGREDIENTS – 1 serving

1 Shot premium reposado agave tequila
1 Shot or more Italian Blood orange soda (depending on your tolerance)(can be found virtually anywhere from Cost Plus and Whole Paycheck to Trader Joes)
Fine sea salt
Fine sugar

1. Combine equal parts salt and sugar in a flat salad plate. 1T of each will do for 4 cocktails
2. Moisten the rim of the glass with a lime wedge – don’t overdue it. The more area the juice covers, the more sugar mixture will stick to the rim. You want just a little.
3. Turn glass over and dip gently into the sugar salt mixture
4. Insert 3 ice cubes into glass
5. Pour in blood orange soda, then tequila
6. Stir gently (this is a fizzy drink)
7. Finish with a squeeze of lime and a sliver of lime peel

(to pre-make a pitcher, leave out the ice cubes and lime. Finish each glass with a squeeze of lime juice when serving.)

Open Faced Latin Avocado and Citrus Salad


You may use mango instead of orange or in addition to in this recipe. This is the latin cousin of my sexy and simple avocado salad recipe. My friend licked the plate when she finished this salad.


1 Ripe avocado, peeled, sliced in half , pit removed
1 Orange sectioned ( Click here to watch my video to learn how )
1 Lime sectioned (sectioning optional)
1 Tablespoon EVOO
2 T chopped fresh cilantro
2 T finely chopped fresh chives
1 Tablespoon red wine vinegar
half of a lime
Freshly ground pepper
Coarse sea salt


Place one half of the avocado on it’s back. You may slice off a little of the curve so it sits flat on the plate.
Season avocado and plate with fresh crushed pepper and coarse salt
Sprinkle avocado and plate with cilantro and chives
Repeat the process with orange sections and lime sections
Drizzle everything with a little olive oil and red wine vinegar
Squeeze a little lime juice over everything
Finish with a little fresh pepper and a pinch of coarse salt
Lick plate when finished.

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  1. shan May 3, 2012 at 4:34 PM

    Mentally licking both salad plate and sugared glass rim

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