Learn to quick pickle onions!

I felt like a million bucks the first time I quick pickled some onions. I had tasted pickled onions many times and loved them, but assumed that it was a difficult and lengthy culinary feat. I did some Googling and found a ton of relatively long recipes and techniques. I decided that I - didn't have no time for that-,so I threw some paper-thin red onions in some water, red wine vinegar, peppercorns, sugar and salt and waited about 30 minutes. Crazy enough, those onions were plenty pickled and delicious. Unless my husband and friends were lying to me, and [...]

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Cilantro Crack Sauce – Safe for all ages.

Cilantro Crack sauce is named as such because due to it's tangy and incredible flavor, you will immediately want to put it on everything, unlike the real crack that will just make you homeless and possibly dead. I have only published one recipe that sucked that that was for this very sauce a few years back. I realized that I gave you guys something that could have turned out not crack-like, so here it is, the updated and new and improved Genuine Cliantro Crack Sauce. This stuff tastes great on everything, but watch the video for more specific ideas! Once [...]

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