The BEST Beer Can Chicken Ever! – VIDEO and POST

This is thus far, my most important video to date. My rib video was pretty darn important and luckily, it has the most views on my Channel, over 54,000! (chump change compared to kitchens licking toes or something, but important to me) I wanted the beer can chicken video to be my 50th SO BADLY, but because life kept getting in the way it is not technically 50, so I named the previous three videos silly numbers like 49.999 etc. pretty sad. My husband has been making his beer can chicken for me for about 7 years. It is the [...]

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I have been eating and loving chicken thighs since I was a child. In fact, my family never quite understood the obsession with breasts that Americans have, chicken breasts, that is. I am not here to disparage chicken breasts, although, I do a little bit of that in my video. I love that I am sharing this video on how to prep chicken thighs because now I can share some of my favorite chicken thigh recipes down the road. I am even showing you how to save money by de-boning them yourself.

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Hey Guys! Here's a little quick and dirty video on the things I like to get and give. Click on the name of the items below the video to buy them right now.(I'm not making any money off of these links. These are just things I love to get and give.) MINI SILICONE SPATULAS $5 + I bought them because they were on sale and I use these all the time. After the holidays the themed spatula's will go for a buck. Click Here for the the link to a 6 pack. BUTTER SLICER $3 + This is a great [...]

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Warm and Fuzzy Holiday Spice Dust – Video

Oops! Forgot to include the video. You can hit the popcorn button on the the microwave now. Do you ever crave that warm and fuzzy, je ne se quoi of the holidays, but you lack a pie or some apple cider? Watch this video on what I concocted to feel warm and fuzzy with just a few ingredients! So you NEVER miss a video, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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And wouldn't you like to know who? ( I promise all of you who actually enjoying reading, that I will begin writing blog posts soon) Video didn't kill this radio star. (I'm not on the radio, but hopefully you get the reference. If not, click on the text.) CLICK HERE FOR WHERE TO BUY THIS LOVELY GIFT FOR UNDER $10

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