Hey Guys! Here's a little quick and dirty video on the things I like to get and give. Click on the name of the items below the video to buy them right now.(I'm not making any money off of these links. These are just things I love to get and give.) MINI SILICONE SPATULAS $5 + I bought them because they were on sale and I use these all the time. After the holidays the themed spatula's will go for a buck. Click Here for the the link to a 6 pack. BUTTER SLICER $3 + This is a great [...]

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Warm and Fuzzy Holiday Spice Dust – Video

Oops! Forgot to include the video. You can hit the popcorn button on the the microwave now. Do you ever crave that warm and fuzzy, je ne se quoi of the holidays, but you lack a pie or some apple cider? Watch this video on what I concocted to feel warm and fuzzy with just a few ingredients! So you NEVER miss a video, please CLICK HERE to subscribe to my YouTube Channel!

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And wouldn't you like to know who? ( I promise all of you who actually enjoying reading, that I will begin writing blog posts soon) Video didn't kill this radio star. (I'm not on the radio, but hopefully you get the reference. If not, click on the text.) CLICK HERE FOR WHERE TO BUY THIS LOVELY GIFT FOR UNDER $10

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The end for The Yum Factor on Kickstarter, but hopefully not THE END for The Yum Factor

Today is the last day of The Yum Factor on Kickstarter. I wanted to thank everyone who backed the project from the bottom of my heart. This is the end of this particular project on Kickstarter, but with some luck and elbow grease, not the end of the The Yum Factor. $12,625 is nothing to scoff at, but unfortunately, it isn't $63k. One theory for why the project didn't go viral is because the target audience for the show are everyday people across the nation who don't understand what crowd-sourced funding is. Many of my friends and family who don't live in the [...]

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I don't know about you, but the second September rolls around, I get a pang of anxiety and my inner gremlin moans, "The year is almost over lady and what have you accomplished?" I won't bore you with the non-foodie stuff, but I am getting a sense of urgency to check some things off of my list that I have been talking about for a long time. Allow me to qualify something, I am not one of those foodies that says, "Hey, I killed and gutted a deer this weekend, ya'll want to come over have some deer jerky and [...]

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