Weather-Bitch Syndrome 2020 Sweeps the Eastern United States.

I was raised in Southern Cal and have lived in Colombia, New Mexico, New York, New Mexico, then California, then Spain, then California again and now the suburbs of New York. I don’t recall anyone ever complaining about weather in Southern California. If it rained, people got into plenty of car accidents, but also celebrated the ability to don a cute rain boot or a fun umbrella. When it sleeted or hailed, we danced like princess Poppy. Perhaps because it seldom rained and it was seldom cold that people never consulted the weather. (I know I know, it rained like [...]

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FUCK LinkedIn

Where do creative folks with non-traditional careers and backgrounds go to network?

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Easy Brown Butter Sage Sauce

Brown butter sage sauce tastes just as sophisticated as it sounds, but is the most most simple sauce I have ever made. You have made brown butter many times in your life when you think you are burning your fried eggs. Butter contains milk solids that turn brown and separate from the oil when cooked for a long time. The only thing tricky about making brown butter, is not letting it turn into black butter. Brown butter sage sauce tastes the best when tossed with butternut squash ravioli. My favorite butternut squash ravioli is from Trader Joe's. but they sell [...]

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The BEST Beer Can Chicken Ever! – VIDEO and POST

This is thus far, my most important video to date. My rib video was pretty darn important and luckily, it has the most views on my Channel, over 54,000! (chump change compared to kitchens licking toes or something, but important to me) I wanted the beer can chicken video to be my 50th SO BADLY, but because life kept getting in the way it is not technically 50, so I named the previous three videos silly numbers like 49.999 etc. pretty sad. My husband has been making his beer can chicken for me for about 7 years. It is the [...]

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I have been eating and loving chicken thighs since I was a child. In fact, my family never quite understood the obsession with breasts that Americans have, chicken breasts, that is. I am not here to disparage chicken breasts, although, I do a little bit of that in my video. I love that I am sharing this video on how to prep chicken thighs because now I can share some of my favorite chicken thigh recipes down the road. I am even showing you how to save money by de-boning them yourself.

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