The BEST Beer Can Chicken Ever! – VIDEO and POST

This is thus far, my most important video to date. My rib video was pretty darn important and luckily, it has the most views on my Channel, over 54,000! (chump change compared to kitchens licking toes or something, but important to me)

I wanted the beer can chicken video to be my 50th SO BADLY, but because life kept getting in the way it is not technically 50, so I named the previous three videos silly numbers like 49.999 etc. pretty sad.

My husband has been making his beer can chicken for me for about 7 years. It is the best chicken I have ever had and I have had a LOT of chicken. I am so excited to finally share the technique with the world and Chelsea Handler.

You will observe in the video that we use a beer can chicken stand instead of an actual beer can. We used to use the can to make the beer can chicken, but my “granola monster” took over and I became too paranoid about the inks etc. We make this chicken all the time. The gadget also makes it easier to carve the bird and has a lovely place to put little potatoes under the bird. It is very affordable.

I make a big fuss about the back skin on the chicken because it is an out of body experience, but the meat is extremely moist, flavorful and tender as well. The only aspect of this chicken that is not as good as an oven-baked chicken is that the “osters of the sun” are not as succulent as when they receive all of the juices from the chicken. Still good, just not mind-blowing like usual.

Click here to link to the beer can chicken roaster that we have.

Just in case you miss this on the video…

• Preheat your grill on high for at least 15 minutes.
• Turn off the middle burner or burners and place the bird in the middle where there is no direct flame.
• Don’t open your grill for at least 30 minutes. Smaller birds will take 40-50 minutes, bigger birds will take 60-70 minutes. It will also depend on how cold it is outside.
• I didn’t show potatoes in this video, but if you add a little olive oil to tiny potatoes and roll them around in the spice rub that has fallen to the bottom, the taters will be off the charts.

I truly hope that you LOVE this video and make Bob’s beer can chicken soon. You can also use your oven, but it is far more tasty on the grill.

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