Do you remember the riveting video I made on my roof top about my favorite dish soap and sponge? If not, then please view it below. If you do, then you might remember how I raved about Method’s incredibly attractive and practical packaging for their dish soap, but I also mentioned that I was very surprised that they didn’t make a refill. It turns out that the people at Method saw my video and mailed me a wonderful refill before it had even hit stores!

The refill is super cute and kinda weird looking. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when they developed it. They know it is funky too because they suggest alternate uses for the packaging from frog bean bag to firefly trampoline!

Needless to stay I was overjoyed and grateful when I received this lovely gift in the mail, but between my wedding, honeymoon and trips to Colombia and New York, I have not formally thanked them. How rude.

I received an email this morning announcing an interactive webinar about Method’s new book, The Method Method, about how they created their company and realized that this was the perfect time to thank them.

I can’t wait to sit in on their webinar. I am always thrilled and intrigued when what I deem to be good people with good products succeed in a huge way. I also have an idea for a new product! It’s a secret.

So without further ado…. thank you Method for my lovely soap refill. I am a customer for life.

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