In July of 2008 I fell in love twice at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville (Napa), California, which happens to be where my fellow and I got married on April 16th, 2011.

The first love was obviously my husband who very wisely incorporated overnight stays at the Villagio as part of his courtship repertoire and the second was to be found inside the Villagio rooms. Nope, it wasn’t the extra fluffy bed and lovely soft cotton sheets, or the spa tub with luxurious Molton Brown products or the nice robes and real fire place.

It was, in fact, a small electronic device that looked like a little penguin and brewed the perfect cup of espresso. We stayed at the Villagio pretty frequently over the course of 4 years. We were able to score some decent last minute deals that I additionally justified because of the huge breakfast and high tea/mini lunch that was included in the room rate. The first thing I did every time we got into our room was brew a cup of espresso to which I added a lot of sugar and three cold half and half capsules that had been waiting patiently for me just under the counter in the mini fridge. This was easily the best espresso I had consumed since I lived in Spain.

I researched the little machine, which was called the Nespresso Essenza, and discovered that I could actually purchase one,but alas I abstained. I could not justify spending the dough on a little selfish espresso machine, so I would have to wait till the next time we visited the Villagio to enjoy it.

Slowly, but surely, Nespresso machines began appearing in stores and in many shapes and sizes. I yearned to have my own and I wanted exactly the model I had fallen for at the Villagio, but it wasn’t until I got engaged that I decided to selfishly register for a machine that makes a beverage that my husband hates.

In this video, I will demonstrate how to use this adorable machine and hopefully make you laugh a little. As I mention in the video, the little capsules are not yet recyclable, but you can take them to the dealer you purchased the machine from and they will recycle them. The effort is worth it for me.

Watch the video and find out how you can get a free cup of Nespresso coffee!


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  1. Camille Paradise June 26, 2011 at 7:12 PM

    How cute was that. I will send it to sandy who I think bought one. You did a great job, very relaxed and friendly.

    Too bad the Bob doesn’t like coffee. Great and good luck, Claudia, love Camille

  2. Stephanie Tomao August 18, 2011 at 10:52 PM

    dylan and I decided we want to come over for a nespresso and your frother is better than ours!

  3. Ray Mondo September 12, 2011 at 10:09 AM

    I loved this review. I was seriously debating between a Nespresso and the K-Cup Keurig. I was about to buy the Nespresso but your honest commentary – Don’t buy it unless you love espresso and only want it for coffee (or words to that effect) – helped me to avoid spending mucho $s on something I wouldn’t use that often.
    I’d love to stop over for an espresso but I live outside of Boston. (You’re not a Yankees fan, are you?) But the airfare to SF is too great.
    I want to try Plurig butter but they don’t see it here. 🙁
    But I’m posting you on my FB account.

    [I like your hat!]

  4. claudia September 14, 2011 at 12:08 PM

    Thank you Ray! I recommend that you use the smallest setting on your Keurig. It will simply give you a richer cup of coffee.

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