Devils on Horseback a.k.a. Prunes Wrapped in Bacon

Colombians love prunes wrapped in bacon. I, personally, feel that every occasion is the perfect occasion to eat prunes wrapped in bacon. I used to get weird looks from people who had not heard of these when I would mention making them. Thank goodness Devils on horseback became popular via the internet and the food channels, now people give me confused stares for different reasons.

There is a place in San Francisco called Sweet Maple that makes something called Millionaire’s Bacon. I don’t know if they invented it, but it is pretty crazy and delicious. It is spicy candied bacon. Click here to see how they make this sweet and spicy delicacy.

I decided that my Devil’s on Horseback deserved a little sprucing so I decided to honor Millionaire’s bacon by adding cayenne and brown sugar to the mix. It turned out pretty darn good.


Smokey bacon
Pitted prunes
light or dark brown sugar
cayenne pepper
sea salt

Pre-heat oven to 400
Sprinkle bacon with sea salt
wrap each prune in bacon and cut just where it overlaps
leave prune seam side down
sprinkle with cayenne
use a teaspoon to scoop a little mound of brown sugar on top of each prune
throw them in the oven for 15-20 minutes depending on the thickness of your bacon

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