Moros y Cristianos a.k.a Cuban Black Beans and Rice

During my last pregnancy, that ended one month ago, I craved Cuban food 24-7 and mainly Moros y Cristianos, Cuban black beans and rice. I suffered because there are a lot of cultures in White Plains, NY, but not a lot of Cubans… White Plains should be my Shangri-La, given that there are 4 Colombian restaurants on one block right down the street, but Charlie, my son… was making me crave Cuban. I hope this means he will be a good salsa dancer.

It never occured t me to look up the recipe for Moros y Cristianos until now. The dish turned out absolutely delicious, but turned out a little “light” in color. The Moros of my past were very dark. I believe it is because this recipe, that was adapted from a recipe on, uses canned beans. Black beans turn a deeper hue of black the longer you cook them. If you want darker Moros, and you do, take the liquid from both cans, along with the beans from half a can and simmer for 30 or until they reach the desired blackness… before adding them to the dish.

If you want to upset folks at Thanksgiving… take Moros y Cristianos as a side dish… the envy will be palpable.

My favorite Moros y Cristianos are from Versailles restaurant in Venice, California.

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