Perfect Fried Chicken Wings in 15 Minutes – Gluten Free Fried Chicken Option

I love fried chicken. I am not talking the new fancy brined fried chicken with the crazy exotic spices, but the simplest flour meets chicken and salt … fried chicken. I am not saying that I don’t delight in the occasional buttermilk meets cast iron skillet varietal, but I am certainly not making it. I had not made a video about my little fried chicken wing technique because I thought it might be too simplistic, but I realize that many of you love fried chicken too and probably feel a tad dirty after buying it at the major fried chicken chains. If you like wings and love fried chicken, this is the easiest way for you to get your fix anytime and in the privacy of your own home. If you still feel dirty after, well, it aint the chicken.

This video was actually inspired by a photo that I posted on Instagram of some chicken wings that I coated in brown rice flour. It wasn’t until a friend thanked me for the gluten-free fried chicken recipe that I realized it was gluten free. His wife and my good friend has an illness that requires her to eat gluten free. She is from the South, so I felt pretty good that I could be a part of helping a Southern girl who can’t have gluten, get her fried chicken fix.

If you have chicken wings, flour of most kinds, and some oil and salt, you are 5 minutes prep and 15 minutes fry away from happiness.

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