Burrata, Hazelnut and Honey Bruschetta – Ode to Delarosa in San Francisco

Today, I bring to you, the burrata bruschetta with hazelnuts, honey, olive oil and pepper. This is a dish that seems unassuming… an Alexis Bledel of dishes, but when you chew on the first bite… your teeth break through the crusty bread, through the creamy burrata, you get a little hint of the honey and olive oil and finally, the CRUNCH of the roasted hazelnuts. Needless to say, Alexis has left the building and made room for Brigitte Bardot.

There are menus and there are MENUS… the menu at Delarosa in San Francisco, California, reads like it might be my last meal on earth. From the Burrata bruschetta with hazelnuts, honey, olive oil and pepper and the beet carpaccio salad to the fried brussel sprouts with caper aioli and papardelle Napoletana with pork ragu. In fact, the next time I am in SF, I am ordering every dish that I love… I will plan to be there for several hours.

I held off on attempting to make the burrata brueschetta for years for fear of burning the hazelnuts. I have burnt many a hazelnut in my life… The trick to roasting hazelnuts it to test them after 5 minutes.. then every five minutes until they are done. I love that hazelnuts have a cool name and a nerd name… filbert. If your name is filbert, then I am sorry, I hope that you are a 6 foot 4, tan and sculpted Filbert, because otherwise you are #notblessed.


crusty rustic bread, sliced and toasted or grilled
burrata (see link under video)
roasted and chopped hazelnuts
good honey for drizzling
good extra virgin olive oil for drizzling
finely ground fresh pepper
coarse sea salt

Toast or lightly grill a 1/4 inch slice of crusty bread
lay a slice of burrata on top spreading it out
drizzle honey and olive oil
crack fine black pepper and drizzle coarse sea salt
sprinkle with toasted hazelnuts

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