Video and Post: Roasted Chile Rellenos with Mango Salsa

I used to love Chile rellenos in New Mexico, you know the puffy eggy fried goodness kind? One day, my mom prepared her roasted chile rellenos with mango salsa and I experienced chili rellenos in a totally new way, yet a way that still made me swoon. This dish is like my mother… refined, pretty, skinny-yet-spicy, cheesy and fun. Roasted chile rellenos require a tiny bit of prep work between the charring of the skin to the chopping of the mango salsa,, but once you get the hang of it, it is a process that you look forward to, especially when you see the look on your guests faces when they take a bite. I apologize for my relatively low energy in this video. I am very pregnant and the little boy I carry inside is sucking the life out of me in the best way possible.

I read somewhere that Poblano and Pasilla chiles are totally different animals, but that grocery stores up and decided to bulk them together. I hate propagating improper labels and names, but you may have to ask for fresh Pasilla chiles in your store in order to get Poblanos.

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