Video and Post: Spinach and Beef Meatballs, not just for kids!

This recipe for spinach and beef meatballs was born out of the need to find a way to include more veggies into my toddler’s diet. Lola eats most food, but I had been having trouble getting her to take large bites of, let’s say, broccoli. I thought about the fact that spinach shrinks tremendously when cooked and that it would be the perfect green veggie to sneak into meatballs, which Lola loves. I use equal parts spinach to beef in these meatballs, so one wouldn’t think this is very sneaky, but in fact… you don’t really notice the spinach. I made a large batch in order to freeze them individually so that I would have an easy meal to give Lola anytime. They were so good that us grown ups ended up eating them all that night for dinner. Several batches later, I am happy to say that this is recipe is a keeper for Lola and for us. I even threw in some finely chopped roasted bell pepper out of the jar for my last batch. They were killer. The “innovative” part of this recipe is that I braise the meatballs in a little chicken stock for 40 minutes to get them really moist and plump. If you make or open a jar of red sauce, you can simply throw the balls in there, but this way I get to freeze the meatballs with a tiny bit of broth in a muffin tin, so each one is perfectly moist and lovely for Lola anytime I heat one up. I have to fight not to take too many bites myself when I feed these to her.

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