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Not too long ago, my fellow and I hosted a party where we wanted to serve corn on a skewer so people could roll their corn in whatever topping they desired. I had a few hours before our “event”, so I called all over the place and could not find candied apple skewers. I chose this route because that is what they use in Colombia to skewer grilled corn and it is much sturdier than a skinny shish kebab skewer. In warm parts of Colombia, you can pretty much find a grilled corn vendor on every block.

You can probably guess what I ended up using as a skewer by looking at the photos, but you should scroll down and watch the video to have a laugh and get the full demo!

Corn is pretty popular right now and not just because it is summer. People are topping their corn with everything from Cotija cheese to pesto and why not?

Here are some ideas for yummy corn toppings! Grill your corn first and don’t forget to soak skewers for 20 minutes before grilling. You can also make skewer holes in the corn, remove skewers and re-insert after grilling if you don’t have time to soak your skewers.





Yummy corn on a skewer!

Chile-lime corn: Rub a thin coat of mayo or melted butter on your corn, sprinkle with smoked paprika and then roll corn in crumbled chipotle. Squeeze a little lime juice over the whole thing.

Pesto corn: Rub some home-made or store-bought pesto and dust with a little Pecorino cheese.

Cilantro, chive and lime corn: Moisten corn with a little melted butter or olive oil with the juice of half a lime, salt and pepper corn and then roll in a mixture of finely chopped cilantro and chives.

Baked potato corn: Moisten corn with sour cream and roll in a mixture of chives, bacon bits and shredded cheddar cheese.

Red bell pepper compound butter corn: Make a compound butter with red bell peppers and rub all over the cob. Corn and red bell pepper love each other and don’t even get me started on piquillo peppers and corn. You can also make a compound butter with herbs or jalapeno.



Eat fast: As soon as corn is picked, the sugars start to become starch, so the sooner you eat it, the sweeter it will be. Refrigeration helps.

Raw: Corn can be eaten raw and has become a nice addition to summer salads. Try it.

Corn silk: Each strand of silk on a corn cob corresponds to one corn kernel. The silk feeds the little egg or kernel, so no silk, no kernel.

Hominy: Hominy, hominy, hominy is the corn without the germ. You have had hominy if you have ever had grits. I am not sure why hominy isn’t simply a larger type o corn because it is big, but what do I know? Hominy is also used in the delicious Southwestern soup, Pozole.

If you would like to know where to get that fire-breathing gadget I show on my video, go here: Burn baby burn.

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  1. Leigh Ann August 19, 2011 at 6:03 AM

    Love this one and am so mad I didn’t go into the city for a carrot when I was home 🙂 Dan is excited to try the chop sticks! I like to buy corn at least 3x per week when it is in season. Glad you are well–thanks for the fun tips!

  2. Jamie Autterson August 23, 2011 at 4:53 PM

    I wasn’t able to find the candied apple skewers at my local Target, so I went for the chopstick method which I think is much cuter anyway. My daughter told me that I had to do the same “hiii-yaahhhh” karate chop noise that you make… otherwise it just wasn’t as much fun to snap those babies in half. “Ghetto Corn” is the recipe that we use in our household, which we acquired from the street vendors wheeling around their corn carts. They make this version in the streets of LA: Mayo, Paprika, Parmesan, and Tapatio. Corn IS cool…thanks for bringing it back in style!

  3. Kelly O September 29, 2011 at 2:06 PM

    If you use Google for searching you’re not a REALFOODIE!!!!

    Bing search is best.

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