Do you remember the riveting video I made on my roof top about my favorite dish soap and sponge? If not, then please view it below. If you do, then you might remember how I raved about Method's incredibly attractive and practical packaging for their dish soap, but I also mentioned that I was very surprised that they didn't make a refill. It turns out that the people at Method saw my video and mailed me a wonderful refill before it had even hit stores! The refill is super cute and kinda weird looking. I would have loved to have [...]

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In July of 2008 I fell in love twice at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville (Napa), California, which happens to be where my fellow and I got married on April 16th, 2011. The first love was obviously my husband who very wisely incorporated overnight stays at the Villagio as part of his courtship repertoire and the second was to be found inside the Villagio rooms. Nope, it wasn't the extra fluffy bed and lovely soft cotton sheets, or the spa tub with luxurious Molton Brown products or the nice robes and real fire place. It was, in fact, [...]

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My two favorite accessories for cutting le fromage are my Laguiole knives and my slate cheese board. Both were given to me by my very good friend Shannon. I never buy anything like this for myself. LAGUIOLE CHEESE KNIVES I emphasize and re-emphasize that I am not a crazy gadget or fancy accessory person, but I have a serious crush on these knives. I sometimes choose cheeses specifically so I can use each of one them. I would hate for any of them to feel neglected. (she's nuts) I was rounding up my lovely little set of three knives earlier [...]

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The title sounded good at the time... What is a Dutch oven? Besides being a form of juvenile torture, it is also a heavy enamel-coated, cast iron pot. I used to turn my nose up at these objects and the people who purchased them or pined after them, particularly the brand Le Creuset. I firmly believed that people only wanted them because they seemed cool, like one of those terrible brown Louis Vuitton bags. (sorry if I have offended anyone) Unlike purchasing a Louis Vuitton knock off on Canal street in NYC, buying a le Creuset look-alike actually identifies you [...]

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GO GADGET GO – Part Trois – Le Video

Do I begin this post by addressing the VIDEO? I guess I just did. I am not going to stop writing because I am now entering into the exciting new world of video. Here it goes: I am not a huge proponent of gadgets for gadget's sake. In fact, I normally steer clear of new gadgets as I do with new movies. I usually wait a bit to see if they rise to the top naturally, however, in the case of Go Gadget Go part Trois, I will be recommending 2 BRAND new gadgets! This last Thanksgiving was quite innovative [...]

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