American Taco Night

For most Americans, hard-shelled tacos filled with ground beef are authentic Mexican tacos, but the reality is that they are an American invention. I happen to love hard-shelled tacos because they take me back to high school when I used to eat at Taco Bell every day because it was all I could afford, but besides that, the tacos and burritos were delicious. This video is an ode to the Taco Bell taco where I show you how to replicate the crispy, juicy and delicious Taco Supreme at home using the best and simplest ingredients. I love to host American taco nights at my house and I especially love to serve them to foodies and food snobs who, the minute they take a bite of these tasty treats, confess immediately how much they love Taco Bell tacos. When making tacos at home, most people make the mistake of browning the meat and they are surprised when it turns out lumpy and hard. The secret to perfect and moist Taco Bell style tacos is adding water, or in my case, chicken broth to the meat and cooking it with your spice blend for 20 minutes.

To make tacos like the Taco Bell Taco Supreme, you will need:

Serves 4

2lbs fatty ground beef. I like 85% lean.
1.5 cups chicken broth or water. I use Kirkland organic broth from Costco. (3/4 cup per pound of meat)
1/2 head iceberg lettuce shredded
1 cup non-fat Greek yogurt or sour cream (non-fat Greek yogurt tastes and feels almost identical to sour cream… I wouldn’t lie to you)
1 cup shredded Mexican style cheese – there is nothing Mexican about it
1 few tomatoes hulled and chopped into tiny cubes
taco shells heated for 1 minute at 300 in the oven ( you may heat lower for longer, but chances are you will forget and burn the shells)
1 package of taco seasoning. I used Trader Joe’s, but I found it to be too spicy and you only need half the pack for 2 lbs of beef. I will include a link to a recipe here.

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  1. shan April 9, 2015 at 10:08 PM

    Every time I heard the “crunch ” I got hungrier and hungrier! Slow cooker American Taco’s are definitely going into Taco Tuesday rotation!

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