Guiso Colombiano – A.K.A The holy trinity. -Video and Post

I am Colombian. Even though my food influences come from all over the place including Spain and New Mexico, my last meal on earth would star at least 3 Colombian dishes in the top three courses. And in case you are wondering, my last meal on earth would consist of a lot of courses because I could never decide on just one dish.

I designed a menu once for a restaurant in LA called La Fonda Antioqueña. This used to be one of my “regular” spots when I lived in LA.The funny thing is that they never asked me to design a menu for them. They had a perfectly good human-sized chalk board that they carefully placed at each new table. I felt that they might need a printed menu that was in both Spanish and English for the non-Spanish speakers. I convinced them that they needed this and I designed a menu for just a little bit of tasty Colombian food as payment.

While going over the menu, I noticed that every dish contained either tomatoes, onion and cumin or onion, tomatoes and cumin or cumin, tomatoes and onion… you get the idea. Even though the application may have varied and sometimes the type of onion, this “holy trinity” really was the the common theme that tied everything together. We call these ingredients “guiso” when they are cooked down alone first and then added to a dish.

I used to make “guiso” with ground beef and rice for my old house mate in San Francisco and she is now a very successful woman who owns over three organic yogurt stores in the Bay Area… I attribute her success to the guiso. Ok, I don’t but, Patty LOVED my guiso.

I speak Spanish to my Colombian peeps at the beginning of the video and beg forgiveness for not making more videos in Spanish, but I explain that I am simply not funny in Spanish.

And just for the record… the country is COLOMBIA, not COLUMBIA.

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