Video and Post: Easy and Delicious Tomato Pan Sauce

I have probably mentioned that I have taught many free cooking and nutrition classes for Cooking Matters. I wanted to wow the folks at the first class I ever taught, so I chose a pizzadilla. A pizzadilla is exactly what it sounds like, a quesadilla with pizza ingredients.

The most important aspect of this dish was being able to teach a very simple tomato sauce that could be made inexpensively, quickly and that would not be runny on the pizzadillla. I had been making a very simple, but delicious tomato pan sauce for years, so I went with that.

I love this sauce because it truly is so easy, but packed with flavor. You HAVE to start with good dry Oregano and by good I mean, one that smells like Oregano when you take a sniff. Folks are sometimes not aware that dry spices and herbs can sit in warehouses for months and sometimes years and lose all of their flavor. Don’t be afraid to sniff and don’t be afraid to return. Spending a few more cents on a good dry spice or herb is a good idea. Here is a place that has great ones.

This sauce is super flexible… you can throw it on pasta, halibut, shrimp, chicken and you can spice it up by adding a whole dried chili to the oil or a few chili flakes.

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