Video – How to make easy, creamy and delicious Panna Cotta

France has Crème Brûlée, Spain and Latin America have flan and Italy has Panna Cotta. I love Panna Cotta because it is all about the cream… no eggs involved… and because it is a lot easier to make then it’s Spanish and French cousins. This recipe for Panna Cotta is a close offshoot of the one Giada De Laurentiis makes, except I use less honey. The Panna Cotta experience that inspired this video was the Panna Cotta that my sis made for my baby shower. People swooned. I hope that you enjoy this super easy recipe for Panna Cotta whether you make it for Father’s day or any day. Bello!

This is probably the first and last time you will see me with a side pony. I did it in honor of Italy even though I have no idea whether side ponies are big in Italy or not.

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