Thoughts of this pizza wake me up at night. Kinda sad.

I am blessed with a neighbor and amazing friend who is also an incredible cook. She has a chalk board the size of a door with the week’s menu written beautifully in colorful chalk, which usually features some form of pancetta, shrimp and cheese. She also has a full-time job and a husband. Dynamo.

One day I had nothing to eat and Shannon, the amazing friend, said c’mon over and I will feed you.

She presented me with a Lavosh pizza which was inspired by the “Sonny Boy” pizza at Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, AZ, touted by many to be the best pizzeria in the US.

Shannon’s version is topped with Trader Joe’s Pizza sauce, Trader Joe’s mozzarella log, goat cheese, Columbus low sodium salami, Kalamata olives a little oregano, chili flakes and uses Lavosh flat bread instead of dough.

I am not a big eater of large portions. I prefer to graze. I am not exaggerating when I say that I inhaled that pizza whole. The flavor definitely deserves the majority of the blame, but I think the fact that the Lavosh was so wafer thin, made it easy to eat the whole darn thing! I pine over this pizza and had to share how incredibly easy it is with all of you.

Easy peasy. Whole wheat Lavosh shown here.

INGREDIENTS: TIME: Prep 15 minutes or less. Cook: 8-10 minutes at 375 degrees F

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One square of Lavosh (approx 9″x12″).

Easily found at Trader Joe’s or most grocery stores. One package contains approx. 6 squares. If you can’t find pre-cut Lavosh, you can cut off the rounded edges and make small odd shaped pizzas.

2-3 Tablespoons Trader Joe’s Pizza Sauce
1/2 cup hand-shredded mozzarella cheese
1/2 cup crumbled goat cheese
5-6 slices of salami, julienned
1/4 cup diced Kalamata olives
1 Tablespoon Dried Oregano (sniff first: dried spices get old quickly and lose flavor/aroma)
1 teaspoon chili flakes
a little olive oil or vegetable oil


Preheat oven to 375F

1. Apply a tiny bit of oil to both sides of the lavosh with a spray, brush or fingers
2. lay over a piece of foil slightly larger than the Lavosh
3. spoon one Tablespoon of sauce at a time over pizza. Spread with round part of spoon. You don’t want a pool of sauce. Get pretty close to the edges.
4. Sprinkle with most of the Oregano and Chili flakes, save some for the end
5. Distribute cheeses evenly over the entire pizza
6. Do the same with the salami and olives
7. Hit it with the last little bit of oregano and chili flakes

Slide pizza and foil directly onto the middle rack of your oven. No pizza stone or baking sheet needed. Bake for 8-10 minutes. Check on the little guy half way through to ensure the edges don’t burn.


You can be as creative as you would like to be as long as you don’t add too much sauce or overly wet ingredients as the lavosh is very thin.

More yummy ideas:

PBJ-C: Peanut butter and jelly pizza: use peanut butter or almond butter as base and top with your favorite jam or jelly. Shave milk chocolate over the top for added joy.

SMOKIN FIG: Fig jam, caramelized onions and smoked Gouda

BBQ’D BIRDY: Barbeque sauce, shredded rotisserie chicken, Havarti cheese and red onions

I would love to hear your ideas. You can probably put two Lavosh pizzas in the oven at once, so make a few different kinds.  A package of Lavosh usually comes with 6 pieces and the mozzarella and sauce will go a long way too. You can even cut the squares in half for individual pizzas.

NOTE: If you aren’t understanding how the title ties into the post, it is because it kind of doesn’t, BUT I know there are purists out there that would argue that it is not pizza if there is no pizza dough. Sorry purists.
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  1. Angie March 6, 2014 at 3:51 PM

    I pinned this! Fabulous idea – thanks Claudia and Shannon. This looks so much easier than dealing with TJ’s whole wheat pizza dough.

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