If you aren’t privy to the Viral video on YouTube about honey badgers, you will still live a full life, however, you may not find this post nearly as interesting or funny if you have never seen it. (So check it out. Once is all you need.)

The really funny, interesting, adorable and cool tale is about three young and strapping wind turbine engineers (nope, strapping and engineer don’t usually go together) …two Brits and one Americano, who decide to go on Kickstarter to raise $40,000 buckaroos to produce Honey Badger bbq sauce and raised just short of $50K. (Scroll way down to watch the hilarious video)

I discovered this dynamic three-o whilst doing research for my own upcoming project and was stopped almost dead in my tracks by the allure of the deadly Honey Badger Cobra strength sauce. For a mere $10, I will be one of the first in history to take possession of this tangy habanero and honey tinged barbeque beast. (I had written bbq lotion, but beast sounds more cool and less creepy)

Left to right: Paul, Chris, sausage and Leigh


So what is Kickstarter aside from being one of the best ideas anyone has ever had? Kickstarter is a lovely web site/forum for people who want to raise money for creatively driven projects. The kicker, pun intended, is that you can raise all of your dough in small increments from anyone and the folks giving you money are considered backers, not investors because they don’t end up owning any part of your product/company. Most campaigns run 30-45 days and if the project doesn’t meet it’s goal, nobody gets charged. What do people get in return for their monetary good will? They get perks and that depends on each project. If the project is product-driven like the Honey Badger sauce or a t-shirt printing kit, you might get the actual product, but sometimes you simply get a thank you note, your name on the credits of a documentary about toes and the satisfaction that you have made someone’s dream come true with a teensy bit of dough and the click of a button.

BACK TO THE HONEY BADGER SAUCE, because this is a foodie blog, right?

So I tracked down one of said trio of Honey Badger BBQ sauce founders, Paul Lees, and had the pleasure of sharing a few beers. I had bubbles, but he had beers. (Those last two lines sound like a Beastie Boys Song)

Paul, as you can see by his pic, is young, tan and looks like he could be on the movie poster for Endless Summer 3. But behind the chill and surfy exterior lies the razor sharp mind of an engineer and entrepreneur.

He told me the whole story about how they came up with the idea for the sauce, but you will have to wait for the documentary on that one. The hint is that a wind turbine farm was involved. If I tell you more, the Honey Badger will kill me.


The sidewalk tasting.

In the world of firsts, I would like to say that no one has ever invited me out of my house and onto the sidewalk and asked me to bring a spoon with me. Yes, folks, this recipe is so proprietary that I couldn’t just get a little sample to go. (Paul did suggest that I could run up and grab a teeny container, but I was really excited about the side-walk tasting by that point). I digress. I was scared at first because what if it sucked? I would have had to face him outside in the sun with my little spoon and fake a smile.

Luckily, the stuff is ridiculously amazing. It is not overly sweet even though honey is a major player. It is also not overly hot even though Habanero is the cohort. Don’t think it is for wussies… my mouth was still burning about 10 minutes later. The honey badger would be proud. There is a certain fruitiness and tanginess that I love. It is really like no barbeque sauce that I have ever tasted. The flavors are beautifully balanced and you want to keep eating more. I cannot wait to try it on my world famous ribs or perhaps on some bacon-wrapped pineapple. I am going to have to beg for an ounce to control the shakes until my bottle comes in the mail.


Well, you are in luck because the Kickstarter campaign may be over, BUT you can still pre-order your very own bottle of Honey Badger BBQ sauce. Imagine the look on your grill-loving dad’s mug when he finds that little critter in his stocking!

Click here to pre-order now!

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  1. Angie September 13, 2012 at 11:19 AM

    Hilarious – will have to order one for my Brother-In-Law for Christmas. Great stocking stuffer!

  2. Maria September 13, 2012 at 12:34 PM

    You are an amazing writer! I’m cracking up and so intrigued by this sauce that I must try it. Kickstarter should hire you to market all the products that go to market!

  3. Juls September 13, 2012 at 2:32 PM

    Habenero and honey sounds ridiculously good! I love kickstarter – it makes me admire and envy the ingenuity and enterprise of people!

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