I say that I am not a gadget gal and then I make a popsicle maker, scale and Kevlar glove video. I guess I am somewhat of a gadget gal. When I purchase a gadget, I ask myself, “Self, will this end up in a garage sale, donation pile or back of a drawer, never to be seen again?”

Cordova Kevlar Glove


I am not quite sure why I didn’t purchase this guy years ago. It is not expensive and I have been wanting it forever, but I guess I just like to suffer. I got mine from Colbrook Kitchen. This a cool site founded by a couple in Napa Valley who love them some gadgets. They test all of the gadgets they sell on their site before they sell them.

Now I can use my mandoline with wild abandon. Not the musical instrument. I have a normal sized female hand and I wear a size small. My husband wears a medium. The really cool thing is that you get two gloves even though you will most likely wear one at a time. The word on the street is that the gloves are machine washable, but I would air dry for good measure. Price: $14.95 and up.

Click here to purchase the glove and you will receive a $5 credit from Colbrook Kitchen.



ZOKU Two Pop Maker



Not to be confused by Zohan, the worst Adam Sandler movie ever. When I first laid eyes on the Zoku at Wiliam’s Sonoma, I thought, hm… yuppy kid toy, but when I really checked it out, I realized that it was a really cool gadget that could be loads of creative fun for the whole family. I love the idea that I can make a popsicle out of any liquid in about 10 minutes. Since the pops freeze before your eyes, you can add little pieces of fruits in the middle to wow your kids or pieces of vegetables to punish them. The Zoku contains some sort of liquid inside that when frozen 24 hours, allows popsicle lovers to make popsicles in under 10 minutes, up to 3 popsicles in one use and up to 9 if you have the 3 pop maker. I love that you can make yogurt pops or coffee pops and that you can control what goes into them. Comes in 1, 2 or 3 popsicle maker. Price: $24.95-$49.95



Soehnle Page Scale



I don’t like clunky things, unless they are my candy apple red Kitchen Aid mixer. That is one of the only large things I like on my counter, which is why I love the Soehnle Page scale. It is so thin, it almost looks like it should have been made by Apple. I got my first scale from my friend who has a great eye for design. It was red, sleek and beautiful, but a person of lesser intelligence left my scale sitting in a puddle of water and killed it. I purchased a new one in silver, but not a day goes by that I don’t remember old red. The person of lesser intelligence was a friend of an acquaintance. I am not a mean person, but come on. Who leaves an electronic gadget sitting in water to die? Who?

Scales are great for baking, but they are also great for all of you cleansers and dieters who need to know how much that steak portions weighs. Price: $39+

Ode to Michael.

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  1. Piper March 7, 2012 at 10:39 AM

    Love the video!

  2. Sharon March 8, 2012 at 10:10 AM

    Hi Claudia. LOVE THIS VIDEO! I checked out the Colbrook Kitchen site. It says the glove is washable and will not ignite or melt, but is heat-resitant enough to use as an oven mitt? Also, it says you get two gloves – are they uni-hand or one right and one left?

  3. Amelia March 8, 2012 at 1:23 PM

    I guess I know what I want for my next Christmas.
    Great video. Great discovery.

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