30 Second Chocolate Love Dust a.k.a DIRT

I have decided, after publishing this video, that I am going to change the name of this lovely dust to.... DIRT... I think it will sound very diner-esque when I offer my guests DIRT for their waffles. I discovered Chocolate love dust at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville / Napa, California. I happened to get married at the Villagio, but for years before that, my husband and I would take advantage of last minute deals and drive an hour to Napa to escape. What I most looked forward to was the breakfast that comes with the room. This [...]

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Moroccan Sex Wings – NC17

I was craving Moroccan flavors, but have no idea how to make Moroccan food. I do, however, know that Cumin and Cinnamon are often found in Moroccan food so I Googled "Cumin, Cinnamon, Moroccan Spice Blends" and came up with Ras el hanout, which is sort of like North Africa's curry, everyone has their own version of Ras el hanout. It turned out that I had everything in my pantry except for coriander and allspice, but I went for it anyway, the only catch was that every dish that contained Ras el hanout, was pretty complicated, so I slapped it [...]

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