Moroccan Sex Wings – NC17

I was craving Moroccan flavors, but have no idea how to make Moroccan food. I do, however, know that Cumin and Cinnamon are often found in Moroccan food so I Googled “Cumin, Cinnamon, Moroccan Spice Blends” and came up with Ras el hanout, which is sort of like North Africa’s curry, everyone has their own version of Ras el hanout. It turned out that I had everything in my pantry except for coriander and allspice, but I went for it anyway, the only catch was that every dish that contained Ras el hanout, was pretty complicated, so I slapped it on some chicken wings and the rest is history.

I named these wings Moroccan Sex wings because I have no life. Actually, I named them this because they are sexy. From the warm aroma of cinnamon and cloves that permeates your house to snap as you bite through the perfectly toasted skin into the juicy flesh, the experience is sexy. So why didn’t I call them sexy Moroccan wings? Sex wings sounded better. This is the perfect little sexy finger food for Valentine’s day dinner.

I made these wings a second time before deciding to make a video and used all of the ingredients. The flavor was a tad more “deep”, but the first batch, sans coriander seed and allspice, was also insane.

I wanted to create a spicy honey sauce for this, but when I tried it, it didn’t work… there is enough spice and complexity in the Ras el hanout, so I tried plain honey and I was right about the outcome, the combo was symphonic. The warmth of the spices in the Ras el hanout with the clean and sweet honey… yummytown. (shoot me if I ever write yummytown again… oops)

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