Last night I had to figure out dinner quickly. I had a nice Sashimi grade Ahi tuna steak, a bag of Wild Arugula and a new can of La Tourangelle Sesame Oil ($6.99 at Home Goods, normally upwards of $9). I wasn't sure how Arugula would taste with a sesame vinaigrette.  Arugula is like a spicy 45 year old Italian woman and the sesame dressing is like a 22 year old Thai cabana boy/underwear model. He took the edge right off of Ms. Arugula, made her blush and didn't water down her sassiness. I won't bore you with more tuna/arugula [...]

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The word "snack" used to conjure feelings of deep seated guilt and images of Cheetos, Doritos, Lays and maybe even a Slim Jim. For years I hoped that someone would create snacks that taste sinful, but don't fill your body with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and hydrogenated oils. I have a very long thank you letter in the works for Trader Joe's that keeps growing and growing because they continue to listen to our collective yearnings and make virtually guilt free snacking possible. My focus has never been low fat or low calories and even though organic is preferred, I [...]

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How many of those fabulous eco-friendly, logo-branded reusable bags do you have? You can see how many I have in the photo above and that doesn't even count the ones in my car or hidden away in the closet. Re-usable bags are a great idea gone sorta wrong. I remember when Trader Joe's began rewarding customers who re-used their paper shopping bags by entering them into drawings where they could win groceries. That was a great idea. Whole Foods donates money to charity when customers bring their own bag or offers a bag credit. Today, every grocery store in America, [...]

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Thoughts of this pizza wake me up at night. Kinda sad. I am blessed with a neighbor and amazing friend who is also an incredible cook. She has a chalk board the size of a door with the week's menu written beautifully in colorful chalk, which usually features some form of pancetta, shrimp and cheese. She also has a full-time job and a husband. Dynamo. One day I had nothing to eat and Shannon, the amazing friend, said c'mon over and I will feed you. She presented me with a Lavosh pizza which was inspired by the "Sonny Boy" pizza [...]

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