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I am not a gadget pimp, but there are a few little items in my kitchen that make my life easier. This is part two in my series of "Go Gadget Go" posts. I may occasionally write about which gadgets got-to-go as-in, go in the trash, but for now I will be a lover, not a fighter. Ikea Knife Magnet with Silicone Tongs. I love myself a knife magnet. I especially fancy the $14.99 knife magnet from IKEA. I have installed 3 in my lifetime. I am not sure when the world assumed that a big wooden block [...]

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Time flies when you're goin slow. It is already Friday and no new post from me! I am on the Big Island of Hawaii relaxing and getting in touch with my inner Aloha. I promise to come back next week with something good and tasty! I still have a few days left as an Islander, so please send me any suggestions you might have on things I "must" do or eat!

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Hello everyone! I have been in Southern California this week on official RealFoodies business. I will be back next week with a wonderful new food-filled post. This is a weekend to honor our veterans, enjoy a little much-needed time-off and toast the beginning of summer! MVP'S Long Beach, CA This is not an "official" post, but I would not be me without saying something about food. Today, I satisfied my hunger at a teensy weensy All American burger joint in Long Beach, California. It is literally a tiny shack on the front porch of a house. I was [...]

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(if you just want recipes, scroll down, cus I’m in the mood to write) Quail eggs are not the new pork belly, but they are popping up on pizzas, bursting out of ravioli and resting atop risottos in fine restaurants nationwide. Sun roof. These little spotted lovelies are nothing new if you like Japanese food, namely sushi, where it is common to spot a raw quail egg atop Tobiko (flying fish roe), coddling in your sukiyaki or floating in “shooters” for the wild and crazy at heart. I LOVE EGGS, simple as that, but little quail eggs offer [...]

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Thoughts of this pizza wake me up at night. Kinda sad. I am blessed with a neighbor and amazing friend who is also an incredible cook. She has a chalk board the size of a door with the week's menu written beautifully in colorful chalk, which usually features some form of pancetta, shrimp and cheese. She also has a full-time job and a husband. Dynamo. One day I had nothing to eat and Shannon, the amazing friend, said c'mon over and I will feed you. She presented me with a Lavosh pizza which was inspired by the "Sonny Boy" pizza [...]

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