Hear ye hear ye. I hate kettle chips. I am not referring to the "brand", but the semi-new-old fangled way of making tater chips by hand in small batches using a kettle. I know that many of you are ripping my "foodie" badge off my arm as I write this, but I don't care. I LOVE Lays and Ruffles, but I don't buy them because I don't shop at a regular grocery store and they are not worth the weight they put on my conscience. I love Trader Joes for many reasons and one of which is their ability to [...]

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For the last 15 years or so, I have been in perpetual mourning over the pretzels of my youth. It's not like I'm German or anything, but I recall pretzels as being shiny, firm and chewy with a little sprinkle of course salt, not sweet and buttery like today's mall-varietal. A few years ago I had dinner at a delicious restaurant in Lake Tahoe called the Lone Eagle and became re-acquainted with my long lost pretzel, at least partially. It wasn't twisted like a pretzel, but presented as a mini loaf of bread along side other toasty and warm bread [...]

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The word "snack" used to conjure feelings of deep seated guilt and images of Cheetos, Doritos, Lays and maybe even a Slim Jim. For years I hoped that someone would create snacks that taste sinful, but don't fill your body with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors and hydrogenated oils. I have a very long thank you letter in the works for Trader Joe's that keeps growing and growing because they continue to listen to our collective yearnings and make virtually guilt free snacking possible. My focus has never been low fat or low calories and even though organic is preferred, I [...]

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