Video and Post: Easy and silky Cream of Potato and Leek with Bacon

I publish a new video every Thursday on my YouTube Channel, Claudia's Tasty Bits. (barring natural disasters) Sometimes I am not able to post it on my blog until Friday. If you are a Thursday kind of person, please subscribe to the " target="_blank">YouTube Channel so you can be all ready to shop for the recipe on Friday right after work! I used to be a lover of writing. I fancied myself a not-bad-blogger and then I began to video tape myself and narcissus took over. Now, I can barely write my own name. Ok, that is a bit dramatic... [...]

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BABY IT IS COLD OUTSIDE! Time for a bowl of easy,hot and tasty soup!

My brother in law is a very quiet guy. It took me about 20 years to figure out that he is not mad at me. Actually, sometimes I still wonder, but mostly it is because I deserve it half the time. To say that I adore him is putting it mildly. He has been the American patriarch of my little Colombian family since he stepped into the picture 27 years ago. He even walked me down the aisle. Part of his magic lies in that he is always in the kitchen with several pots and pans going at once. My [...]

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