You know those episodes of Friends where Chandler and let's say, Monica, would reminisce about old times and they would show clips of some of the most memorable "Friends" moments? Well, this is that episode of RealFoodies TastyBits! Since some of you are new to my posts, I am going to list the highlight reel so you can catch up on some groovy posts or videos that you may have missed due to everyday nuisances like work,  fitness or sleeping. I have a lot of great stuff in the works. I am super excited about making more videos and I [...]

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In July of 2008 I fell in love twice at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville (Napa), California, which happens to be where my fellow and I got married on April 16th, 2011. The first love was obviously my husband who very wisely incorporated overnight stays at the Villagio as part of his courtship repertoire and the second was to be found inside the Villagio rooms. Nope, it wasn't the extra fluffy bed and lovely soft cotton sheets, or the spa tub with luxurious Molton Brown products or the nice robes and real fire place. It was, in fact, [...]

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