Video and Post: Easy and Delicious Tomato Pan Sauce

I have probably mentioned that I have taught many free cooking and nutrition classes for Cooking Matters. I wanted to wow the folks at the first class I ever taught, so I chose a pizzadilla. A pizzadilla is exactly what it sounds like, a quesadilla with pizza ingredients. The most important aspect of this dish was being able to teach a very simple tomato sauce that could be made inexpensively, quickly and that would not be runny on the pizzadillla. I had been making a very simple, but delicious tomato pan sauce for years, so I went with that. I [...]

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Truth be told... the week was ending and there was no new and fabulous post in sight. Sometimes I write things in advance, but many times, I donut. So I am basically telling ya what I had for dinner tonight. Anyhoo, I have taught this recipe six times to my Cooking Matters classes and each time, everyone raves about how srcum-dilly-umptious and simple it truly is. What is fabulous about this recipe is that you don't need much on hand to pull it off and you can use it with pasta, on top of a protein like fish or chicken [...]

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