Happy New Year everyone. Thanks so much for making the first year of RealFoodies TastyBits great. I believe February will be our official first birthday! I didn't write during the holidays. I figured we could all use a break or at least that is what I am going with. Here are my thumbs up and down of 2010. I would have to publish a book to include everything, so I wrote what came up for me first, which was a lot. I would love to hear your comments. Stay tuned for a lot more TastyBits fun in 2011, including MORE [...]

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The cheese. Brillat Savarin was the famous lawyer and gastronome from the early 1800's often quoted for saying,"Tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are.", but more importantly, for this post, he is the man after which someone named one of the most creamy and luscious cheese experiences I have ever had. Have you tasted Brillat Savarin, again, not the man, but the cheese? ...When the rind is perfectly bloomy? When it has been sitting around for a few hours, a little droopy and defeated, feigning humility, yet taunting you to come hither? If you [...]

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For those of you who have never heard of the Fancy Food Show, it is THE trade show of everything specialty food from thousands of cheeses to gourmet packaged foods and everything in-between. If it exists at Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods or even your local Deli, most likely it exists at this show. Mom and pops looking for distribution and established brands alike sample their wares at these shows and buyers from every gourmet food store across the nation taste their way through oodles of aisles of food looking for the next tasty thing. When it comes to food, [...]

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