Salmon in Parchment for Fish Haters

I want to cry when I hear people say that they don’t like fish. To me, it is like if someone says that they don’t like hugs. Clearly, they have been getting bad hugs and fish their whole life.

I used to cook salmon in parchment every week in the 90’s. Baking fish in a parchment pouch in the oven is the best method for people who feel that fish is fishy and gross or who are afraid of over-cooking it.

My basic recipe for cooking a piece of salmon about 1.5 inches thick is

Pre-heat oven to 400F
Line a sheet pan with foil
(watch video for how to make the pouch)
Rinse your fish with cold water and pat dry
Add a little olive oil to your parchment
Lay the fish down and season with sea salt and anything you like
Add some thin lemon wedges and a piece of rosemary, chervil or parsley… anything aromatic. Fennel would be nice too.
Close pouch as per this fantastic video on how to cook salmon on parchment
Bake in middle rack of your oven for Medium …12 minutes and Well done, 15 minutes
Allow to rest for 5 minutes and transfer pouch to a plate or open pouch and serve fish alone

You may add thin potatoes, asparagus, red peppers… and many things once you have mastered the technique. Many people add a little white wine.
This is a great technique for thicker fish like halibut or cod.
If your fish is less than 1″ thick, then only cook for 7 minutes


If you can smell it, then smell it… it should smell like nothing.
Press on the flesh with your finger… it should bounce back. If it stays indented… DON’T BUY IT.
If buying fish whole.. the eyes should be clear and gills bright red… finger method applies

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