Video – How to Peel and Egg with Grace and Precision

I always search on Google and YouTube when I want to know how to do anything and sometimes it is difficult to figure out who has the best solution. My new friend, who also happened to give me my new hair do, asked me if I knew how to peel eggs easily, and being the food nerd that I am, I had an answer. She suggested that I make videos about these simple things and so I did. Thank you Kristan for the inspiration. The funny part is that while telling my mom about the video on peeling eggs, she had no idea how to do it either and was super excited.

This video on how to peel eggs will prepare you for all of your egg salad and deviled egg challenges!

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  1. bob June 26, 2014 at 4:13 PM

    awesome! what if you don’t have nails? just asking.

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