How to Eat Strawberries with Brown Sugar and Sour Cream – VIDEO

It’s strawberry season! I know that nowadays you can get strawberries year round, BUT they don’t taste like they do right now.

I am not sure what the origin of this recipe is, but I was introduced to it for the first time when I lived in New Mexico in the late 80’s. I was told it was a southern thing. If you know, please share.


I remember that the thought of strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar was not appealing. Boy was I wrong. This is short and sweet because I really want you to try this if you haven’t. Not only is it an interactive and fun conversation starter at a party, but the response you will get is priceless. The combo of the three textures and flavors in your mouth is simply beautiful. A little tangy, a little juicy, a little warm and fuzzy? Who doesn’t love these ingredients?


Fresh Strawberries: Wash and pat dry thoroughly. You may use a fork, skewer or fingers.

TIP: If you skewer them, do it on an angle as strawberries can be a little hollow in the middle and the skewer will not have a firm hold if it is floating on the inside.

Sour Cream: I use whole milk sour cream. You may use light, but I would try the fat version first. You can probably even substitute Greek yogurt, but don’t tell me.

Light Brown Sugar: Dark is ok too, but light may be a bit more delicate.


I hear that grapes work too and I think that fresh peaches are a shoe in!

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

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