If you haven’t heard already, I am on raising funds for a wonderful new foodie competetion show called, wait for it, THE YUM FACTOR!… do you love it? WHEN The Yum Factor airs, everyday people who make not so everyday specialty food as a hobby, like brownies, hot sauce or anything really, can compete on the show to get Fairy Godmothered… they will win money to start their business, food business training, beautiful package design from and award winning design team, distribution, a place on the shelf of a specialty food store and a place on the shelf of The Yum Factor online store. They will win everything short of a make-over. Smiley face.


Kickstarter is nothing short of amazing. It is a place where creative projects come to life because of you and me. I have backed in small increments everything from bbq sauce and a book on afros to a bottle opener and ink to make t-shirts in the sun with negatives. Usually you get “rewards” in return. The reward can be the actual product or in the case of The Yum Factor, a sexy logo bag, a yummy food product, a t-shirt or your chance to enter your goodie and be a contestant on the show.

Folks get confused when they actually click “Pledge” because it takes you to Amazon and kind of forces you to have an account or create and account. Kickstarter’s specialty is being the platform for all of these creative projects to fund themselves, Amazon is the expert on transactions with money.

The most important thing to know about Kickstarter is that no one gets charged if all of the money isn’t raised in the amount of time alloted. This is sad and scary, but also awesome. It just puts that much more pressure on ME to get everyone’s attention and get everyone to back on some level. The most successful projects are those where everyone’s facebook friends participated.

Enough words. If you are passionate about food or you simply want to see if I bomb on tv, please click here to back The Yum Factor! Check out the fun pitch video!

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