Video – How to make Watermelon Salad and how to Slice a Watermelon!

I love to make this super easy and tasty watermelon salad. Not only does it impress the pants off of guests, but each time I make it, it surprises me just how good it is. It is such a beautiful version of watermelon salad to serve. There are a million, ok maybe 20, ways to make watermelon salad, but the lime juice and mint watermelon salad is the winner for me. Over the years I have tried many ways of slicing a watermelon, until through the osmosis of the food network and trial and error, I landed firmly on this [...]

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I have made it to the big time!!, well, according to my mom and those who love me, I have. I made a little video series for eHow recently that includes 10 videos on Summer Party Drinks and Snacks. eHow gave me 35 titles to choose from and I chose the 10 that scared me the least. I shot the videos with video guru, Steven Watkins at Kitchen on Fire in Berkeley, Ca. The folks at KOF were very kind to let me use their wonderful set up. They were gearing up to do a special cooking class for a [...]

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