Farm Bathing in Vermont

In Japan, they have something called forest bathing or shinrin-yoku. It is the act of making contact with and taking in the atmosphere of the forest, not just walking through the forest. This is why I am calling my family’s recent “glamping” trip on a farm in Vermont “Farm Bathing.” I immersed myself in the land, gave my mind, body, and spirit to many mosquitoes, and may have taken the lives of several tiny moths up the nose. Why am I taking the time to write about Farm Bathing when I spent a good portion of the 3.5 days donating [...]

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How many of those fabulous eco-friendly, logo-branded reusable bags do you have? You can see how many I have in the photo above and that doesn't even count the ones in my car or hidden away in the closet. Re-usable bags are a great idea gone sorta wrong. I remember when Trader Joe's began rewarding customers who re-used their paper shopping bags by entering them into drawings where they could win groceries. That was a great idea. Whole Foods donates money to charity when customers bring their own bag or offers a bag credit. Today, every grocery store in America, [...]

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