Before you can try a new restaurant or bar, you have to know it exists. With restaurants, bars and funky activities popping up like baby rabbits in spring, who, besides your high flying friend Lisa, is hitting the new places first? As much as I hate to admit what a cyber nerd I have become, I rely mostly on two email newsletters/e-zines to alert me to what’s new and exciting around me, or a town I may be visiting. THIS DOES NOT GUARANTEE A PLACE WILL BE GOOD, but it's a good start. My favorite daily e-zines are Urban Daddy [...]

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I have been dining out for many years and have a little pet peeve. I would like to preface this post by saying that I love to eat out and am a pretty low maintenance diner, but this particular item ruffles my feathers time and time again. Prior to ordering food at any restaurant, a waiter will usually ask if you would like still or sparkling water. They may offer up a $5-$10 bottled water first, and with waning enthusiasm offer “tap” water. Plunking down this much dough for a bottle of water that would cost $3 tops at the [...]

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