You know those episodes of Friends where Chandler and let's say, Monica, would reminisce about old times and they would show clips of some of the most memorable "Friends" moments? Well, this is that episode of RealFoodies TastyBits! Since some of you are new to my posts, I am going to list the highlight reel so you can catch up on some groovy posts or videos that you may have missed due to everyday nuisances like work,  fitness or sleeping. I have a lot of great stuff in the works. I am super excited about making more videos and I [...]

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YES, BETTER. Put your guns down! This is my opinion. I, too, was in passionate love with Nutella for years until I read the ingredients. You are probably saying, "well, that was dumb." and perhaps it was, but luckily for me, I discovered not only a healthier alternative, but a tastier one too! Justin's is a crunchy company out of Boulder, Colorado, that has been in the nut butter business for several years. 16 0Z JAR I first tasted Justin's maple almond butter on a Virgin America flight a few years back. It was part of my $5 [...]

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