I was inspired to teach a raw kale recipe in my Cooking Matters class after having made some really tasty kale with a delicious lemon pecorino dressing that I found on 101 Cookbooks. The director of the program, Sarah, said, "yah man, make some massaged Kale".  I explained that I teach a respectable and rather "g" rated class. She went onto explain that raw kale must be massaged and that massaging this hearty green with a little oil tenderizes the coarse leaves into peaceful submission. I said, "yah, I'm just like Kale". Do you guys remember when Kale was the [...]

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MONDAY NIGHT DINNERS 2: Lemon Herb Lamb Chops and Smokey Potatoes

People who don't like lamb, love my lamb chops. So there. It used to be that Trader Joe's or Costco were the best place to buy racks o lamb, but now a days they are pretty much expensive across the board, which is why I think lamb chops are a great Monday night dinner. They are a special treat, but they are super easy to make. You can buy your chops pre-cut or cut them from a rack as I do. I would even suggest that you have your butcher cut the rack into chops for you for free! Arugula [...]

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