I grew up eating honey from a plastic bear. My mom used to put honey on buttered toast and it was yummy. As I grew older, honey was relegated to sweetening tea. It wasn't until I met my clients, Royal Hawaiian Honey, that I really discovered how amazing honey could truly be. RHH is not paying me to write this. It happens that it is the most amazing honey I have ever had. RHH makes three honeys, Organic Lehua, Macadamia Nut Blossom and Organic Christmas Berry. It is not entirely true that they "make" the honey. I would hate to [...]

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Aloha! My fella and I just got back from 7 beautiful days on the Big Island of Hawaii. I expected huge hotels, mumu-wearing tourists and lots of bad key chains. What I found was one of the most beautiful, topographically diverse and relaxing places I have ever visited. I have been to Maui twice, once to run the Maui Marathon ( I bring that up as often as I can) and the second time simply to explore. As majestic as Maui is, there is one thing inherently missing that I found on the Big Island and that is, the spirit [...]

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