30 Second Chocolate Love Dust a.k.a DIRT

I have decided, after publishing this video, that I am going to change the name of this lovely dust to.... DIRT... I think it will sound very diner-esque when I offer my guests DIRT for their waffles. I discovered Chocolate love dust at the Villagio Inn and Spa in Yountville / Napa, California. I happened to get married at the Villagio, but for years before that, my husband and I would take advantage of last minute deals and drive an hour to Napa to escape. What I most looked forward to was the breakfast that comes with the room. This [...]

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Do you remember the not-so-good old days when most "boxed chocolates" were heart-shaped and could be found at your local drug store? It is not that I miss those days because, frankly, the Whitman's sampler and Russel Stover boxes were really not that good. Nothing can be good that has a 5-year shelf life. Times have clearly changed. There is no longer such a thing as "just" milk or dark chocolate. People want to know what percentage of real cacao is in chocolate. Is it single origin? Is it organic and fairly traded? Today's Chocolate can wear anything from bacon [...]

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For those of you who have never heard of the Fancy Food Show, it is THE trade show of everything specialty food from thousands of cheeses to gourmet packaged foods and everything in-between. If it exists at Dean & Deluca, Whole Foods or even your local Deli, most likely it exists at this show. Mom and pops looking for distribution and established brands alike sample their wares at these shows and buyers from every gourmet food store across the nation taste their way through oodles of aisles of food looking for the next tasty thing. When it comes to food, [...]

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