Ok, perhaps a bit of a cheesy title, but how else am I going to get you to read your veggies? I didn't grow up with squash, well, other than overcooked zuchini. I vaguely remember eating spaghetti squash about 10 years ago, but it wasn't until the last 5 years that I discovered how incredibly wonderful different varieties of squash really are. Butternut squash was probably the first to come on the scene with such tasty dishes as butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage sauce and butternut squash purees and soups. I remember when main stream America was obsessed [...]

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TJ's mac and Cheese packages I don't have a freezer full of pre-packaged and processed foods, but I almost always have a little frozen tray of Trader Joe's mac and cheese or the reduced guilt mac and cheese for extra guilty days. Stop right there with your judgement. I find that when someone else does something better than I can, and in this case, provides me with some of the silkiest and most delicious mac and cheese that I can make in 3 minutes, my gastronomic self righteousness goes out the window. I had to  take a little [...]

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Bi-Rite Market’s: EAT GOOD FOOD: My newest non-fiction crush.

I have a friend who reads cook books like novels. I use cook books for visual inspiration and then usually forget about them. There are exceptions, but that is another post. My current non-fiction crush happens to be a cookbook, and even better, a book where I get to visit the the setting and the characters anytime I want. (during business hours, of course, otherwise it would be stalking) Bi-Rite Market's: Eat Good Food is a story about accepting one's fate, but designing it as well. It is a guide to navigating food stores, to connecting to the people that [...]

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